Mihai Mihalcea /
Farid Fairuz

Farid Fairuz was born in Beirut to a Lebanese mother and a Jewish father. During his life he was marked by the troubling love story between his parents who lived clandestinely for 10 years always migrating between Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. After their tragic disappearance during the Beirut war he is adopted by two Bedouins who feed him camel milk and educate him according to their beliefs. Fairuz has a different behavior than the other children his age and he proves to be extremely sensitive. The destiny smiles upon him when, aged 11, he is adopted by a rich Jordanian family which treats his studies with great care. Thus Farid Fairuz ends up studying the music of Arab peoples, oriental dance, classic and contemporary dance, and then he creates performances and dances for a few years in Europe and United States of America being regarded as a curiosity.

During a show an unusual occurrence changes his existence radically. This occurrence whispered only to the least close around him reveals troubling truths and strange perspectives that may indicate a new road for him. Encouraged by what he was feeling increasingly, Fairuz gives up choreography becoming a medium and visionary expert in extra-sensorial perception. Although he continues his existence with maximum discretion, the rumors prompted the tabloids around the world write that Fairuz is ageless, that he has no precise identity and that he is able to enter the bodies of other people, choosing the host body depending on the intensity they have dysfunctions of the limbic system.

His predictions helped personalities around the world whom he guides during their professional and personal efforts. Dalida, Daiana Ross and Cher passed through rough times when they asked for his advice. They say that the famous talisman worn by Eartha Kitt in the Catwoman film was a gift she had received from Fairuz and that the false eyelashes Shirley Basssey wore during her last concert had been secretly chosen by him.

After a while spent wandering once again through the dessert, his travels lead him to Romania, where he finds that the imagination and spirit of the people are very rich and where he finds a place very favorable for his activity as a medium and a visionary. They say that one of the host bodies he prefers to use, after the one of the famous Lebanese diva whose name he bears, is the one of choreographer Mihai Mihalcea, whom he helped win the contest for the director of the National Dance Center, occupying his body and protecting him by malefic processions with an amulet received as a gift in the dessert, from an old Bedouin.

Mariana Nicolesco and Dan Puric are just two of the personalities in Romania who use constantly the gifts that Fairuz was endowed with. In the academic circles, they say that Fairuz is the rightful initiator of the project supported by the Ministry of Culture and of the National Patrimony –”the National Pantheon of the cultural, scientific and educational personalities”. The sharpest minds from various intellectual and political circles have been collaborating for a few years with Fairuz in order to persuade the international political people of the fact that Romania is the only truly blessed country.

In 2009, Farid Fairuz took the lead of his last predictions and joined the performance world once again. After a procession carried out in a small mining town in Poland, he initiated the procession “Farewell! (or about the discrete oversights of the limbic system)”, where one finds, once again, a part of his recent perceptions. They say that this work bears a secret message encoded in the mind of the choreographer he often inhabits and that is the result of a chaotic amalgam of magic and clairvoyance techniques. In his procession, Fairuz invoked five spirits/beings with whom he was able to establish an extra-sensorial contact. To their discontent, Fairuz asked their unconditional trust and used black magic in excess, contradictory extra-sensorial sensations and intuitions difficult to explain.