Mihai Mihalcea /
Farid Fairuz


concept & artistic direction: Mihai Mihalcea
video concept: Andu Dumitrescu
performed by: Eduard Gabia, Mircea Ghinea, Maria Baroncea
co-production: Solitude Project, Centre National de la Danse - Paris, Theorem, Hebbel Theater - Berlin, Tanzquartier Wien, Mobil(e) Tanz in der Regio / Danse dans la Regio.

Performance presented in premiere in the frame of Internationales TanzFest Berlin, 2003.
In 2004, the show was invited to Neuer Tanz Festival (Freiburg), Teatri de Vita (Bologna) and to Tanzquartier Wien, in the frame of AcademyEast-West.
The show was invited in residence at Centre Choregraphique National de Franche-Comte a Belfort, following the decision of Mobil(e) Network – Danse dans la Regio/Tanz in der Regio to support the promotion of the show in: La Filature, Scene Nationale Mulhouse, Halle des expositions, Delemont, Theatre La Coupole, Saint Louis, La Manufacture, Atelier du Rhin, Colmar.
Stars High in Amnesia's Sky was also invited in the frame of Vienna Days in Bucharest and was presented in The National Theatre Bucharest.

Stars High in Amnesia's Sky winks at time. It is a show/installation that scratches the present’s surface without restraint, on which it plays with gravity. It’s a disturbing chameleonic show, a relentless remix of banalities and personal histories that are pinned in an insectarium in which Madonna and Ceausescu sit on the same page.