Mihai Mihalcea /
Farid Fairuz

video performance, 10'42"
produced by: Solitude Project

Lament (not Mecca, not Rome) continues the series of performances and erratic interventions in temples of consumerism and capitalism, with a new emphasis and urgency to liberate behaviors in public space. The video performance did not happen in Mecca, neither in Rome, but in Basel, during Art Basel, the short time span when the gates of the art business heaven open.

As if entranced, the particular way of moving through the city (a clear reference to Pina Bausch's Café Müller) turns into something of an unapproved script. The sequences of the performance are document of the clashes between his body and and the highly structured definitions of behavior in public space, in a context of prevalent thinking in luxury and financial investment terms, even when it comes to art. The irreverent and humorous gesture of bumping and squashing his body into the windows, an alarming direction that was not stipulated by neoliberal design, becomes harm and benefit, attack and self-organized protection, poison and remedy.

(text repurposed from Convulsion Ltd: Further Thoughts
from New Associates Memo: new associates (4) - Farid Fairuz)