Mihai Mihalcea /
Farid Fairuz


10.10.2014, Akademie der Künste Berlin

Performance project by the
2013 Junge Akademie scholarship winners.

Artistic coordination & performance intervention.

A Performance Night sees young talent from all over the world practising all forms of art interact with and in front of an audience live, i.e. spontaneously and with little preparation. These are the Junge Akademie scholarship winners, selected by the divisions in 2013 for the Akademie der Künste Berlin scholarship. Now, everything springs into action, creating a fluid situation made of directly tangible reality/realities. The freely moving audience is also actively involved because there is no stage – only loose chairs and cushions. Everyone is equal, at the same level, sharing a space, a common present. The joint project is the result of mutual artistic and human projections. New works are created ad hoc or through the principle of dialogue. Like free radicals, fragments are sent into the shared space, where they can connect with something different: a film responds to a composition, an essay to a performer, a projection to a second skin, a poem becomes music, various cultures of thought and action intermingle, the political crystallises in the personal, a guest’s question sparks a discussion…

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