Mihai Mihalcea /
Farid Fairuz

Video performance
Production: Veioza Arte

AFIFARID started as a series of short interventions and performances that Farid Fairuz did in the biggest mall complex in Bucharest. The performances were a twisted attack towards the engrossing program of shopping. Acting from the inside of the mall - this contemporary Coliseum of Consumerism - his appearance as a mascot is quickly transformed in an act of erratic shamanism for escaping the total void of living our life in the mall. Overconsumption, commodity culture, mainstream sexual norms and masculinity are humorously, yet merciless put into questions by the carnivalesque mascot.

The work has been presented in 2013 in the frame of the group show “œconomy, an already tumultuous landscape where phantasms cross” curated by KILOBASE Bucharest at Oberwelt, Stuttgart.