Mihai Mihalcea /
Farid Fairuz

Artistic positions from Bucharest and Chisinau

Hebbel Am Ufer (HAU2, HAU3), Berlin

role: co-curator alongside Hebbel Am Ufer team
Detailed program

1989 was a year of great change and new beginnings, and not just from a German-German perspective. What viewpoints on art and society do artists from Bucharest and Chisinau have today, 25 years after the fall of the Wall? From November 5 to 9 HAU Hebbel am Ufer and the Romanian choreographer Farid Fairuz are inviting artists from Romania and the Republic of Moldova to Berlin for the festival Good Guys Only Win in Movies. The festival is produced in cooperation with the Allianz Cultural Foundation and supported by the Romanian Cultural Institute of Berlin.

As part of the festival, Teatru Spalatorie Chisinau, led by the writer and director Nicoleta Esinencu, is coming with three of their current productions, including the documentary work “Dear Moldova, can we kiss just a little bit?” created in collaboration with the director Jessica Glause. In addition, the programme includes works by Alexandra Pirici and performances by Ion Bors, Paul Dunca and the choreographer Madalina Dan. Farid Fairuz will also present the performance “Realia (Bucharest/Beirut)”.

An accompanying programme will be provided by salonvideo Bucharest with films by Pavel Braila, Emi Vasiliu and others as well as lectures by Raluca Voinea, Bogdan Georgescu, Manuel Pelmus and Nicoleta Esinencu.

Dan Perjovschi participated in the festival with "The World While You Drink Your Coffee" temporary drawing intervention and a lecture at WAU/HAU.

"Delicate instruments handled with care" by Alexandra Pirici
"Dear Moldova, can we kiss just a little bit?" by Nicoleta Esinencu & Jessica Glause
"Dedublarea" / "Self-division" by Madalina Dan
"The Institue of Change" by Paul Dunca
Raluca Voinea: "25 Years as 25 Minutes" lecture, 05.11.2014
"Drujba/Friendship" by Ion Bors
salonvideo exhibition view
"The World While You Drink Your Coffee" by Dan Perjovschi
"The World While You Drink Your Coffee" by Dan Perjovschi